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A message from President, Jordan Kolb.


From time-to-time new and experienced drivers ask us to explain important safety, administrative, Samsara, and pre-trip procedures. The short videos presented below are intended to answer some of those most frequently asked questions.


We are changing from PeopleNet to Samsara. If you missed the training sessions or if you still have a few questions, don’t fret. We’ve video taped one and made it available here.

Introduction to Pre-Trip Inspections

An Introduction to Pre-Trip Inspections

#1: Comprehensive Pre-Trip Inspection

A thorough pre-trip inspection includes these steps.

#2 Checking the Oil

Learn how to check the oil.

#3: Left-Side Inspection

Watch the inspection of the left side.

#4: Inspecting the Suspension

Watch the inspection of the suspension.

#5: Inspecting the Front

Learn what’s included in the front-of-truck walk around inspection.

#6: Engine Right Side

Watch the inspection of the engine right side.

#7: Fuel injectors inspection

Watch the inspection of fuel injectors.

#9: Inspection of Brakes

Learn how to inspect your brakes.

#18: Inspecting the Left Side of the Trailer

Continuing the walk around the truck and trailer.

#19: Inspecting the Fifth Wheel

A comprehensive overview of fifth wheel inspection.

#20: Lights, Signals, and Four-Ways

Inspection of lights, signals, and four-ways.

#21: Safety – Engaging and disengaging the Fifth Wheel

Engaging and disengaging the fifth wheel doesn’t have to be complicated. Doing it correctly is very important!

#22: Safety – Entering and Exiting

Watch a demonstration of three points of contact for entering and exiting the cab.

#23: Safety – Landing Gear

Learn how to safely raise and lower landing gear.

#24: A Welcome Message and Introduction to Your Paperwork

Accurate paperwork is directly related to accurate paychecks. Watch a welcome message and introduction from Bill Eddy, Director of Operations.

#25: Driver Paperwork – OS&D

Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about reporting OS&D.

#26: Other Driver Paperwork

It isn’t just about driving. You have paperwork too! Take a look at the types of paperwork important for drivers.