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Flexible Storage at Your Fingertips

Shelly Rentals provides manufacturers and distributors with storage trailer rentals at competitive prices. With over 800 40’, 48’ and 53’ trailers we can seamlessly supplement your warehouse space without the hassle.

We’re constantly upgrading our fleet to meet the increasing demand for secure trailer rental service throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Our History

S&H founded Shelly Rentals in 2002 to serve customers looking for alternatives to the expensive and time-consuming process of building or expanding their own warehouse space. Shelly has now proudly offered secure product store space through trailer rentals for a variety of customers for 20 years.

Our Team

Our trusted team is here to serve you with secure storage solutions. We offer pick-up and delivery for your convenience.

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Our Service Area

We offer storage trailer rentals to customers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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