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“As traffic came to a halt, I looked over and saw a woman confidently maneuvering a tractor trailer. In that moment, I knew: if she can do it, so can I!” These words, spoken by the determined and trailblazing Lauren Keeney, resonate powerfully with anyone aspiring to defy conventions.

Recognizing Excellence: Women in Trucking’s October 2023 Member Spotlight

We celebrate Lauren Keeney, our October 2023 Member Spotlight, chosen by Women in Trucking for her outstanding contributions to the industry. Lauren’s dedication has earned her not only well-deserved recognition but also a set of impressive accolades, including custom decals, swag, and an etched glass award, a testament to her remarkable journey.

Shelly Truck Driving School: Where Dreams Take the Wheel

Lauren’s transformative journey began at the esteemed Shelly Truck Driving School. Under the guidance of Training Supervisor Bob Grimaldi, she quickly distinguished herself as a quick learner, never backing down from a challenge. Lauren’s commitment to excellence extended beyond personal success, as she became known for her willingness to help fellow trainees master the essential skills of the trade.

A Stellar Start: S&H Express and Dispatcher Tina Bailey

Post-graduation in September 2021, Lauren joined the ranks of S&H Express and was entrusted to Dispatcher Tina Bailey’s board. Within a year, Lauren was dispatched on a critical dedicated account in Richmond, VA. Her track record of achieving 100% on-time service for a demanding five-times-per-week run to a tight dock location, with a back haul, is nothing short of extraordinary. Many seasoned drivers had faltered, but not Lauren. Her unwavering determination sets her apart.

A Visionary in the Making: Doug Forry’s Praise

Director of Operations at S&H Express, Doug Forry, commends Lauren as a beacon of promise in the industry. Her intelligence, tenacity, and willingness to go the extra mile in this predominantly male-dominated field make her a rare gem. Lauren Keeney is, without a doubt, one of a kind.

Lauren’s Sage Advice: Forging Your Path in Trucking

For those considering a career in trucking, Lauren offers invaluable advice: research extensively. Connect with the directors of reputable institutions like Shelly Truck Driving School. Speak with graduates to gain insights into their experiences. Reach out to recruiting departments of various trucking companies and interview them. For aspiring female drivers, seek out conversations with current female drivers to make an informed decision.

Beyond the Road: Lauren’s Quest for Adventure

When not on the road, Lauren is on the lookout for exciting vacation spots. Her travels to and from Richmond provide ample opportunities for exploration. Amidst her adventures, she revels in the breathtaking scenery between York and Richmond, finding solace and inspiration in the natural world.

Empowering Women in Trucking: A Cause Worth Championing

Women In Trucking is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women’s roles in the trucking industry. Their mission is to celebrate women’s achievements, alleviate challenges they may encounter, and foster a more inclusive community. Learn more about Women in Trucking and their impactful programs at

By spotlighting Lauren Keeney’s inspirational journey, we are reminded that with determination and support, one can overcome any obstacle in their path. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring individuals, regardless of gender, who aspire to make their mark in the trucking industry. Lauren Keeney, with her indomitable spirit, is proof that the road ahead is open to all who dare to travel it.